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    Casey Young, CPA

    Greymatter Financial, LLC

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    Sandra Strausberg

    Oakland County Credit Union

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  • Cindy Thompson, AAP, CTP

    NACHA Leads Industry toward Ubiquitous, Same-Day...

    Posted in: Financial Inst & Core...

    HERNDON, VA - NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association® announced that it is taking initial steps...

  • Anne  LaPine, AAP

    2014 Corporate Payments Summit

    Posted in: Corporate Community...

    You may recall that the b2bsynergy website was originally built for corporate payments professionals....

  • Anne  LaPine, AAP

    Resources for BSA Officers and Compliance Staff

    Posted in: Financial Inst & Core...

    You may recall a few months back, Meg Prieur from our Education and Professional Services team wrote...

  • Meg Prieur, AAP

    Virtual Currency

    Posted in: Compliance

    As a BSA/AML officer, what do you think about virtual currency? We know it is not government regulated...

  • Amy Smith, AAP, CAE

    RE:ACH Manager Software

    Posted in: b2b Open Forum

    Hi Melody- Can you provide a bit more? When you say ACH manager, are you looking for a core ACH...

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